I agree with the mission of the Sunfull Internet Peace Movement as shown

below and would like to join to support the campaign :


Sunfull Internet Peace Movement
an anti-cyberbullying campaign

Even without the use of a weapon or even without encounter, ‘this’ can take away the life of someone.

‘This’ can push a person over the edge, into despair.

Yet, ‘this’ can also save lives.

‘This’ can be the source of hope, support and encouragement.

The language we speak is what ‘this’ signifies.


We all must focus on the language that has great power.

We have witnessed how online malicious language has incited bullying, violence and even murder.


When language is engulfed by evil, it becomes the most lethal weapon.

Yet, when language is embraced by good,

it becomes the source of great joy and bright hope.

We must eliminate the bullying, violence and murder that occurs through harmful language.


It is now time to sublimate good-hearted language into social and cultural values.

This is why we ask you to support the Sunfull Internet Peace Movement

that can cast light on the world, where good-hearted language can take strong root.


The supporters of this Sunfull Internet Peace Movement abide by these two basic principles:


One, we promote peace through good-hearted language to be used on the internet around the world.


Two, we take an initiative in countering harmful language being used on the internet.


The Sunfull Internet Peace Movement will usher in a peaceful world

filled with hope, support and encouragement by the use of good-hearted language on the internet.

01. 02. 2018

  • 민병철 Min Byoung-chul, Ed.D.
    Chairman, Sunfull Foundation
    Sunfull Internet Peace Movement

Thank you for supporting our Sunfull Internet Peace Movement. Let’s create a beautiful world with good & positive language